Pre-Cast Concrete Erection

Erecting a pre-cast parking structure, or building, or a bridge’s tee or double tee girders requires Superior to work closely with the general contractor’s foundation work and the pre-cast fabricator’s design team to make a project flow freely and quickly. This work requires preplanning and coordination for the location of the anchors, lifting eyes, etc., and requires preplanning procedures for the erection plan, safety plan, and sequencing of materials for deliveries from the fabrication facility to the field site, so that the correct pieces are available to meet the needs of the crews installing the structure. In this operation, both the foundation concrete, as well as the fabricator’s precast pieces must be tested and certified to be capable of handling the loads and stresses being applied to them.

This work includes the structural columns, beams, tees and/or slabs, as well as the delivery of all of the required panel pieces. These latter elements may be purely architectural closure panels, or, may be design engineered as a structural part of the facility. Superior provides the proper rigging for safety and carefully putting these pieces into the project without marring the concrete finishes provided by the fabricator. Connection points may be field welded steel inserts or clips, and often involve pins and structural grouting of the joints.

Precast Concrete

Precast concrete construction consists of building or bridge components that are manufactured in a plant, and then shipped to the project site for erection.

Architectural Precast Concrete

Architectural precast concrete are typically exterior or interior wall panels, soffits, column covers, facades, spandrels, and other components.

Superior Steel Erector personnel work with the precast manufacturer and general contractor to develop sequences, deliveries, and connections for efficient site operations. These field operations comply with specified erection criteria.

Structural Concrete

Structural concrete components installed are hollow core plank, girders, beams, double and single Tees, columns, walls, and stadia seating.

These components are installed in parking structures, warehouses, prisons, public arenas, stadiums and other structures.

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