Metal Deck Installation

Steel deck revolutionized commercial construction in the mid-twentieth century. Today, Superior Steel Erectors continues the evolution of what was once just a form to hold concrete to an advanced composite structural element. We are a leading installer of metal deck on every type of steel structure in Western Canada. Superior Steel Erectors have installed metal deck on high rises, airports, schools, hospitals, casinos, and high tech offices … all on time, safely and within budget. If you need metal deck we can do the job.

Metal roof deck, metal form deck, and composite metal deck are the most typical types of metal deck installed by our crews.

Metal deck is most commonly fastened to supporting steel members by our CWB Certified Welders our powder actuated pins operated by trained personnel. Side laps for metal deck are fastened with screws or mechanically crimped.

Our crews install the metal deck using approved field installation drawings that incorporate project requirements such as Steel Deck Institute ( requirements and Engineer-of Record approvals.

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