Health and Safety


Superior Steel Erectors is registered, and in good standing, with Workers’ Compensation Boards in Alberta, BC and the NWT. In conjunction with workers’ compensation regulations, our Health and Safety Program allows us to maintain an excellent safety record. Our culture of safety both in the shop and in the field helps employees feel safe within their environment and makes them alert to potential hazards. As a result, work is completed with minimal lost time.

Safety Policy

Superior Steel Erectors Ltd. is vitally concerned with the health, safety, and welfare of all employees.

Unsafe work is quite often indicative of inefficient operations. Accidents can result not only in employee injuries, but property and equipment damage. Production or schedule disruptions and a lack of service to our customers can also be adversely affected. All levels of management and each employee shall make accident control and occupational health a matter of prime concern.

Further, it is the policy of Superior Steel Erectors Ltd that it will comply with all local, provincial and federal legislation relating to health and safety. Responsibility for such compliance will rest with the respective department managers/supervisors.

It must also be recognized that all employees have responsibilities to themselves and to the company for safety and the safety of their fellow workers. They must observe and adhere to all safety rules and instructions relating to safe and efficient work habits. The control and prevention of accidents will require dedicated participation of all employees, as well as continuous scrutiny by all managers and supervisors, in order for this program to be effective and successful.

The measure of this success will be reflected in lower accident frequency, severity rates, improved employee morale and increased productivity.